“hatred stems from fear, fear of the unknown”

I don’t have many heroes, but Daryl Davis is one:

Let me be clear, I do not think it’s up to the most marginalized people to face their oppressors, I get that some people do not have any energy for that, and I think that is valid. Thus, it’s up to those who are less marginalized (i.e., white cis people who have no/minimal history of abuse, like me for instance) to do this work.

My parents have very right-wing views, and we debate constantly about politics. The main thing I hear from them regarding the right-wing perspective is that people just want to be heard and respected by their opponents. While this makes sense in theory, how can you respect someone who doesn’t respect your right to live peacefully? Who wants you to have limited rights, to just disappear, or to actually be killed? I’ve said myself, “How can you tolerate intolerance?”

While the easiest option is to just decline to interact with these people (and believe me, I really understand this- it’s exhausting to debate human rights when it seems like a theoretical game for one side and real lived consequences for the other), in my experience this just makes them feel justified. If hatred comes from fear, then hatred of people who are a different doesn’t come from the actual characteristics of those people, it comes from a fear that something about these people elicit. For instance, a fear regarding feeling protected, valued, prioritized, respected.

I think once you get to the bottom of that, you can find common ground, and as with Daryl, you can make real change.